IPCA’s response to COVID-19
Interview with the Executive Director, Mr. Joseph Edward

How has IPCA responded to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on South Sudan?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, IPCA has focused on strategies to educate its staff as well as the people of South Sudan on how to best implement preventive measures against COVID-19. By distributing and posting informative materials around its offices, IPCA has ensured awareness among staff and encouraged them to share these resources with friends and family. We have also attended several meetings with partners and government to strategize how best to harmonize our programming and mobilize our available resources to bring awareness to communities at the grassroots level.

What are some of the challenges facing IPCA during this crisis?

IPCA as well as other national NGOs in South Sudan are facing a scarcity of resources and funding to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and to scale up awareness and prevention programs.  Nevertheless, we are doing out best to make sure we are actively working with local communities to combat the spread of the pandemic.

What message do you have for the people of South Sudan?

The only way to overcome COVID-19 is by embracing preventive measures like washing hands, sanitizing, avoiding body contact, keeping social distance, and always reporting any suspected person with COVID-19 symptoms to the Ministry of Health because that’s the only way for us to protect our families and friends.

Interviewed by Wilma Anthony Gordon, Peacebuilding Officer

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