Peacebuilding & Conflict Mitigation

IPCA’s Peacebuilding and Conflict Mitigation Unit promotes community-based solutions and local ownership of peace processes through community-based, contextual peacebuilding and conflict mitigation interventions in Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria and the Western Bahr El Ghazal states. IPCA also advocates for the adoption of a national framework for peacebuilding in South Sudan. The IPCA peacebuilding approach uses broad-based peace and reconciliation processes that embrace both top-down and bottom-up approaches to engagement both with national-level actors and communities at the grassroots level through dialogue, using traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution to inform peacebuilding and community development programs. Key peacebuilding and conflict mitigation program activities include capacity building for local peace actors, capacity support for community peace structures, community peace dialogues, peace festivals, conflict analyses, conflict mapping, formation and activation of school peace clubs, media engagement, sports for peace, and theater performances.

IPCA’s Peacebuilding & Conflict Mitigation Unit has built strategic partnerships with the South Sudan Peace & Reconciliation Commission, the South Sudan Council of Churches, the South Sudan Islamic Council, the Ministry of General Education & Instruction, UNESCO, the Canadian Embassy, UNDP and UNWOMEN to maximize community based, gender sensitive peacebuilding strategies across IPCA’s operations.

Our Impact

Conflict Transformation for Social Cohesion in South Sudan

IPCA implemented a gender-sensitive peacebuilding and conflict management project, including comprehensive gender-sensitive workshops, public seminars on peace and reconciliation, peace mediation and negotiation trainings, cultural performances and Sport for Peace workshops, radio talk shows on peace and reconciliation, and widespread peace information campaigns.

Strengthening the Network of Empowered Women Peace Actors in South Susan (NEWPASS)

IPCA worked with the NEWPASS to empower women to participate in the implementation of the peace agreement (R-ARCSS) in South Sudan. The project included peace, healing and reconciliation forums, business and employment trainings for women and youth, women- led community peace festivals, training workshops on peacebuilding approaches for women and girls, mediation and monitoring training for the Revitalized Peace Agreement (R-ARCSS), support for a women’s network for peace and reconciliation, women-centered community peace dialogue forums, school peace clubs, and women-centered public awareness campaigns.

Strengthening Local Governance and Resilience in South Sudan

IPCA implemented a program strengthening local governance, mediation, and resilience, including training in peace mediation and negotiation for 80 people, dialogue and discussion forums, cultural and theatrical performances, media and radio talk shows, and Sport for Peace workshops.

The IPCA Approach

Locally Led & Owned

Local ownership in peacebuilding initiatives leads to more effective, sustainable, and longer-term peace. IPCA’s locally led and owned peacebuilding approach empowers local people with the means and space to develop their own solutions to address the root causes of conflict.


IPCA strongly believes that for sustainable peace, no one can be left behind. Reducing vulnerability, particularly for women, youths, and victims of gender-based and sexual violence is central to our mission. An inclusive approach ensures that all voices are heard and often facilitates a more fair, just, and sustainable peace.


IPCA aims to build trust, dialogue and reconciliation through the creation of neutral spaces that facilitate structural and behavioral change, and homegrown peace. Maximizing fairness and objectivity in our work helps us to build trust and lay the groundwork for long-term stability, collaboration, and peace.


Community-based approaches to peace are essential to reducing and preventing violence in situations of long-term and chronic conflict. IPCA’s approach ensures a deep understanding of the contexts of conflict, builds mutual trust, facilitates inclusivity, and creates lasting positive peace.

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